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Simi Valley school district to address equity, inclusion with new administrator role


The Simi Valley Unified School District has established a new role to oversee the promotion of equity and inclusion within the Simi Valley school system.

Garden Grove Elementary School Principal Richard Underhill was tapped for the role, according to the district. His formal title will be administrator on special assignment for equity and inclusion.

“This is a special area of study for me. In fact, my doctoral dissertation explored equity and inclusion and their effects on public education through federal law,” Underhill said in an interview.

Equity refers to providing marginalized communities with the tools and opportunities to help create equality among students. This is important for a number of reasons, according to the National Association for Multicultural Education. For example, students from minority backgrounds might experience discrimination due to bias or prejudice. Students from low-income households might not have access to resources that those from higher-income ones will have. This contributes to the opportunity gap that exists within groups of students, as defined by the Glossary of Education Reform. 


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