Feedback from Past Workshop Participants

“The workshop was an emotional roller coaster but so well worth the ride.
I have never been to a Professional Development that touched my heart so deeply.”
Grade 4 Teacher, Elementary Magnet School

 “All teachers should have the opportunity to spend a few days together and reflect on the issues we have had the opportunity to reflect upon. The time needed should be given/granted.”
Nuria Vidal, Education Advisor – Consulate of Spain, New York City

 “The time invested content and methodology employed in this conference moved us to a place of not only understanding the importance intellectually, but to a place of internalizing the urgency and importance of being a culturally responsive educator to our students and our society.”
Principal, Burlington, VT

“The activities were very poignant. The information was thorough and interesting. The conference was well pace and well facilitated. The guest speakers were great.
It was an extremely valuable experience that I recommend to others.
Director of Student Support, Chestnut Hill, MA

“I have attended many workshops focused on multiculturalism.  But this workshop was the best I’ve participated in.  Not only did I learn and receive much information,
I have concrete ideas and plans to implement in my classroom and school. “
            Learning Center Specialist, Community School, St L Louis, MO

“I found the workshop helped me synthesize multicultural education theory and I now have skills to move theory into practice.”
Multicultural Consultant, Chicago, IL 

“The institute helped me tremendously to crystallize my thinking for how to engage students in multicultural theory and practice. I will continue to review my practice and
how I can infuse what I learned for the benefit of my students.”
Assistant Professor of Education, Seattle, WA 

“Wonderful learning experience.  I was able to pick up a number of strategies and skills that I could use with my student teachers in helping them develop a multicultural approach in their teaching.”
Assistant Professor, Smith College, Northampton, MA

Thoughtfully sincere and respectful presentations on culturally responsive education. Facilitators engaged participants and helped them have real conversations on race, discrimination and “white privilege.”
Partnership Coordinator

This work is vitally important and we cannot be educators without it.
Director of Grant Services

This workshop provided a safe environment for a diverse group of individuals to explore issues of values and beliefs to facilitate change for themselves and their schools.
Supervisor of Special Education

This is a powerful, productive and much needed workshop that works with teachers and administrators at all levels of cultural awareness.  It works with them to raise awareness, provide resources and allow for a safe space to explore cultural biases and teaching practices and ways to become more culturally aware pedagogue. This workshop should be mandatory for all educators and staff!
Bilingual Educator, East Hartford Public Schools

I felt that this institute never lost sight of the most important – why we are there. The Students!  All discussions we had were focused on the needs of the students.  The workshop showed different teaching tools that address Connecticut Common Core needs of students.  The facilitators did a great job of discussing the 21st century skills and helping us, how to teach these skills to their students.
STEM Academy

This workshop was the ideal way to begin my journey back to the classroom.  I am going to treat pages 49 and 50 as my bible (at least) of your handbook.
First Grade Teacher

I wish everyone, even non-teachers, could have this experience.
English Teacher, Waterford, CT

Having the opportunity to create a multicultural lesson plan brought our learning from theory to concrete application. We are planning how our team will bring what we have learned to our school community; with the objective to transform our school culture.


This was in incredibly powerful workshop that has forever changed how I will interact with students and their families, as well as, well as all people.

Grade 4 teacher

Inspiring, energizing workshop. A workshop that should be mandatory for all teachers.
Special Education Teacher, Windsor, CT.

This institute (Becoming a Culturally Responsive Educator) should be mandatory in all our states. It could save lives and make our country a better place for all. The lack of empathy and knowledge about other cultures is the reason for so many tragedies and hatred.
Cultural knowledge will make us free.
Spanish Teacher, New Haven, CT.

This has been the single most valuable and relatable workshop on diversity and multicultural education  that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of in my career, truly changed my perspective tremendously.
                                                                         Early Childhood Specialist

As an administrator, this was without a doubt one of the most powerful training I have attended.  If you’re wondering how you can help your teachers, school, district move to more culturally responsive practices this is the training you need with real application.
                        Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction,

I was surprised this was not just another workshop. The knowledge, process and experience gained will change your perspective on how you teach, not matter how many years you’ve been teaching.
It was great.
                                                                          Science Instructor,Manchester, CT

This workshop has changed the way I view life.  I am looking forward to sharing all that I’ve learned with my colleagues
as well as my family and friends
                                                                              West Haven, CT

Attending the multicultural summer institute empowered me have the confidence and knowledge to incorporate multicultural lessons into my daily instruction. Dr. Howe made the three day session interactive and interesting.
                                          Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher,

Our students come to us from 26 different towns, with all different types of backgrounds.  Thoughts and ideas using this model will give our students affirmation and voice and know that they are being heard and their input valued.
                                                                                      Dean of Students

This was a practical and energetic approach that will help me integrate more culturally responsive practices in a meaningful way.
                                                                        5th Grade Teacher, Plainville, CT

 The Institute provided simple, practical ways to teach in a way we all know we should, and that will provide the greatest possible learning experience based on their world.
Information System Technology Teacher

Every teacher should go through this training.  It will affect every student they see in a very positive way.
                                                                  School to Career Coordinator

This workshop is one that anyone in education can benefit from.  It is truly about providing relevance in learning for our students by infusing cultural awareness.
                                                                               Spanish Teacher

Absolutely critical training in understanding the need for multiculturalism and how to implement within the curriculum.  A part of fostering connections for all students and promoting achievement.

The workshop should be mandatory for all individuals involved in the education system (not just teachers).  There should be a component of this as a mandatory part of every education degree program.
Multicultural Magnet School

 Bill Howe Rocks! This course adds meaning and depth to the term “Multicultural education, it was a tremendous help in teaching me how I can better reach all students in my classroom.
Graduate Student University of CT

The discussion and small group work was particularly helpful.  This approach of incorporating multicultural learning right into my curriculum was an important mindset change, and it was valuable as I begin my teaching career.
Graduate Student – NEAG School of Education, University of CT

This was a wonderful, enlightening workshop that not only provided background information and current circumstances, but gave useful, meaningful strategies to implement within our schools and classrooms.  I was impressed with the means of incorporating the multicultural concepts within our current lesson in all subjects, rather than adding on more to our already full curriculum.  The wealth of resources provided was fabulous.
Special Education Teacher

 Finally, an institute that puts it together; great resources and useful ideas.
District Teacher Leader

The workshop was very inspirational, working with and thinking with other educators who are very passionate about multicultural education.  All teachers have a social responsibility to teach kids about the world rather than support ethnocentrism.  Bill Howe’s presentations involve everyone, engage in different ways.  I will be leaving the workshop with a wealth of information from him,
from other participants and selected materials given out.
Social Worker

Excellent modeling of differentiated instruction.  I enjoyed Bill’s style, approach, facilitation, very generous with sharing of resources, and the most materials given to participants…more than any I have received in my 25 years attending workshops, seminars.  Highly recommend this course – wish it were longer.
English Teacher

This has been not only a professional journey, but a personal journey, of growth and enlightenment.
 Instructor for On-line Learning, NC TEACH, Chapel Hill, NC

Developing a multicultural curriculum was an eye-opening, enriching and exciting workshop which I will take with me in both my personal and professional journey.  Bill Howe was by far the most engaging and effective facilitator I have ever had.
Program Development Coordinator, Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program)
Chapel Hill, NC .

Presenters knowledge-base, experience and facilitation skills were exceptional.  His flexibility and sensitivity to our needs as adult learners, enhanced the learning process.  Amount of resources received should be commended.  I’ve been affirmed that multicultural education is more than heroes and holidays and is primarily about how we teach.  Bill has been a great role model and has equipped us with numerous tools to get started.
…let’s keep the passion alive!

Top quality program. A great value for personal and academic work.
 Program Social Worker, Southern Connecticut State University

This was one of the most interesting and certainly the most useful workshop I have attended in 25 years of teaching.  Bill’s demeanor and presentation of material as well as his ready wit contributed to an atmosphere of collegial trust and sharing.  I was sorry to see the workshop end.  The books and handouts were relevant and will be utilized constantly.
Social Studies Teacher

This workshop is a must for any educator-teacher, administrator, parent, office supervisor – to understand how to create an environment that provides safety, acceptance, and freedom to live and learn in our ever-changing world.
MS History Teacher

From the workshop I learned that the value of multicultural awareness will not be exclusively implemented in an educational curriculum, but to practice and share the same principles with our own family members.
 Family Advocate Head Start

A well worth experience.  The 3 best days of my summer that will have an impact on the rest of my school year.
Director of Student Diversity

 This workshop is powerful and transforming! It not only teaches about and how to use multicultural education, but it also reaches each participant on a personal level, helping to inspire us on each of our own journeys – Personal as well as professional.
Multi-Cultural Specialist Educator, Storyteller/ Spanish and ESL Teacher

A deeply moving and worthwhile experience!
English Teacher

No matter what your school culture is – or how developed your curriculum is, multiculturally – you can benefit from this workshop.
Bilingual Teacher

I have had the wonderful experience of meeting many interesting professional educators – all of which have contributed to my knowledge base of multiculturalism.  Through this in-service program I have developed a greater respect, knowledge and empathy for my fellow human beings who live on our tiny planet Earth.
Head Teacher – Early Care and Education Center

The active, hands-on approach is wonderful…sensitive sharing of personal stories helped us all open up…lively, animated games inspired us to do more with our own students.  On top of this, the content and approach to multiculturalism is perfect!
3rd Grade Teacher

 All school staff should have these 3 days of enlightenment!  In fact all people should!  Many ideas were ones I’ve had for years, but this forced me to slow down to think about them more and have a very meaningful exchange with others.
I learned new ways to present the ideas to others using all modalities.
Elementary School Teacher

The workshop was wonderful.  I wish my whole school staff was here.  I’m going to encourage all of them to go to the next one.
Language Arts Teacher

 A very powerful tool to be used in our schools.
I think every teacher should be exposed to this workshop.
Spanish Teacher

The collaborative approach used throughout the workshop encouraged the sharing of multiple perspectives.  This was a wonderful experience to warm the heart, tickle the funnybone,
and inspire the mind!
Grade 5 Teacher

 Absolutely fantastic workshop from the activities on day 1 to the movie “Color of Fear” on day 3 the program was outstanding.  The material presented was timely and practical.  The facilitator Bill Howe, set an atmosphere that prompted an incredible honest, open dialogue.  It was a positive, enlightening experience.  It will change how I view multiculturalism forever.  Every teacher and administrator should take this workshop.
Teacher, Cranbury, CT

This workshop is like no other I have ever had the opportunity to experience.  We have a moral responsibility to hear and try to understand what needs to be said.  It will change your life.
Department of Mental Retardation

 Wow! What a great workshop.  It was informative enlightening and fun.  I felt safe to share feelings and express opinions.
It was a great opportunity to network.
Program Coordinator, YMCA

This workshop illustrates the quote on RFK’s grave in ArlingtonNationalCemetery… “ripples on water, from one little stone…” keep spreading this much needed message to educators!
Grade 5 Teacher, Providence, RI

This workshop gave me many meaningful activities to use in my classroom.  I was able to learn new content in a non-threatening way.  Every teacher and administrator should attend this workshop!
Elementary School Teacher

We all need to develop/change our ways of thinking about multicultural education and educating multiculturally, and this workshop had a great mix of theoretical and practical information and process.
Middle School Teacher/Diversity Coordinator – Providence RI

This was a wonderful workshop, it was informative, and made a difficult subject light and fun to learn.
Preschool Teacher

This program creates a non-threatening, informative opportunity for participants to explore, discuss and experience multicultural education.
Special Education/Language Arts Instructor -Transitional Learning Academy

The workshop really improved my own cultural competence, the dimensions of multicultural education, etc.  It was an incredible experience.  Because most of us came as individuals it seems like an awesome task to try to spread the word.  Possibly it can be done as a school or system project or even as a “trainer of trainers” approach.  Suggestion could be made that teams be sent ideas and concepts need to be infused into every classroom.  Thank you so much for changing my personal perspectives and moving me to the social/justice action phase.
Reading Teacher

 Wonderful learning experience.  I was able to pick up a number of strategies and skills that I could use with my student teachers in helping them develop a multicultural approach in their teaching.
Assistant Professor, Smith College, Northampton, MA

Being coordinator of the Extended Day Program I feel charged to completely create my program to be truly multicultural.  I now have the tools to support my staff that they are a vital part in the students lives and what they learn in their journey to becoming “whole.”  We can hopefully be a model for other after school programs to follow.  I applaud you on how you created a safe environment in the first hour.  I don’t think this workshop would have gotten so deep or involved in sharing of ourselves had you not done that.  BRAVO!!
Coordinator Extended Day Program

Thank you for teaching me so much and for making me feel so welcomed!
4th Grade Home Room Teacher –Providence, RI

This was a most exciting and enjoyable workshop. It was well paced and, as should be, quite diverse, especially the workshops staff. Each presenter was knowledgeable and held our interest. This should be a required workshop for all school staff.
Teacher, Adult Education

A humanizing and authentic process that really lifts the heart and spirit giving renewed impetus to my actions.
Program Developer

The materials and positive manner that it was presented provides educators with a non-threatening means of bringing MCE
to their colleagues and staff.
Assistant Principal

A liberating experience. I have great pride in having lived through these decades of change -I look forward to being an agent of change and looking for the gifts in all people.
Art/Enrichment Specialist, Elementary

It is a wonderful experience; it is a “real learning experience”. During those three days I had the opportunity to think, and realized how important it is to be proud of our roots.
Bilingual Educator

I would highly recommend this workshop to all the teachers and administrators who are really concerned about the future of [our] great country.
Bilingual Teacher

This workshop was inspiring and informative in the extreme….. Every Educator in CT. should attend this invaluable seminar.
Classroom Teacher, Elementary School

This workshop not only is helpful in creating a curriculum that is multicultural, but does so in a way that can be incorporated the next day.  It also naturally created ways to have all of the subjects be fully integrated in a way that is meaningful and effective.  It is done in such a way that will be easy for every educator- arts, academics, and support. etc., to implement naturally.
“A whole new school without all the work!”
Arts Integration Teacher

This was an absolutely inspiring, enlightening and affirming experience.  The content was applicable, the presenters excellent and the group phenomenal.
Fourth Grade Teacher

I believe that this workshop should be mandated by the state or town.  Even though I am a race/culture seminar facilitator and have a lot of experience in this area, I certainly needed this workshop to learn how to institutionalize multicultural curriculum into my school with the help of administration and other staff members.
Teacher (ESL), Middle School

Incredibly relevant and timely topic accompanied by accessible materials and activities. This was a user-friendly workshop, I will implement throughout my years as an educator.
Teacher Grade 7, Middle School

Excellent forum for discussion!  Eye opening in terms of teacher needs, perceptions and stumbling blocks and incorporating
Multicultural Education across the curriculum.
Children’s Reference Librarian

As a first year teacher, I feel this seminar will be extremely helpful in
developing my personal teaching “style”.
Special Education Teacher, Middle School

This multicultural curriculum workshop was one of the most valuable professional development experiences I’ve had.  It helped to facilitate self-reflection and at the same time promoted practical discussions and ideas.  Everyone left changed and convinced there was some specific thing she could do.  Thanks all of you, You made it a wonderful experience.
Director, Community School


Selected Keynote Addresses

(May 26, 2010). Keynote Address: My Immigrant Story. MassMutual Asian Resource Group (ERG). Basketball Hall of Fame. Springfield, MA.

(Jan. 18, 2010)  Keynote Address: The International Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. MLK Day Celebration, New Britain Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, New Britain, CT

(Sept. 17, 2009)  Keynote Address: On Citizenship. Citizenship Day Naturalization Ceremony, Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT.

(Aug. 3, 2009)  Keynote Address: Educating Immigrant Children. Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education (AGELE) Conference, Manhattan Beach, CA, Manhattan Beach Marriott

(Aug. 25, 2008). Keynote Address: Preparing Students for a Global Economy. South Saint Paul Public Schools Opening Days. South Saint Paul, MN

(Nov. 6, 2007). Keynote Address: Changing Demographics, Glastonbury Public Schools, Smith School Nov. 6, 2007

(August 30, 2007). Keynote Address: “Immigrant Experiences in Education” Vernon Regional Adult Basic Education Staff Dinner Meeting. Bolton, CT

(May 26, 2006) Beyond NCLB: Skills for the Future. Keynote Address, USD II Professional Development Day,. Hartford Marriott, Farmington, CT

(April 7, 2006). Keynote Address: “Becoming Multicultural-Keys To Success In The Future.  Briarwood College, Southington, CT

(March 25, 2006). Keynote Address: “Beyond NCLB – The Multicultural Skills We Need.” Twenty-Third Annual Multicultural Institute. University of Central, OK. Edmond, OK

(Dec 7, 2005) – Keynote Address: “Perspectives of Multicultural Educators to China”. U.S. China Joint Education Conference Dec. 5, 2005 in Beijing, China at Beijing Normal University

(Nov. 18, 2005) – Keynote Address: The Real American Heroes.  ESL/Evenstart Convention. Middletown, CT  

(June 1, 2005). Keynote Address: The Future Role of Teachers. Correctional Education Association – Region One Conference, Mystic Marriott, Mystic, CT

(April 27, 2005). Keynote Address. Diversity and the Other Skills Employers Want. Keynote.  2005 International Festival, Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT

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(Jan 13, 2005) Keynote Address- Culture: Its Increasing Importance in Teaching and Learning. President’s Welcome Back to Faculty. Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT

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(March 15, 2004) Keynote Address – “Creating Conditions to Raise Student Achievement” Keynote address at the 27th Annual Assistant Principal’s Conference, Sheraton Hotel, East Hartford, CT

(May 3, 2003) Keynote Address – Seventh Annual World Languages Conference, Regional Multicultural Magnet School, New London, CT

(April 26, 2003). Keynote Address on Title IX/Gender Equity to the Annual State Conference of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Radisson Hotel, New London, CT

(Nov. 26, 2002). Keynote Address: Canton High School Diversity Day Assembly, Canton, CT

(August 29, 2002) Keynote Address.  Teaching for the Future: Preparing Students for the New World, East Haddam Public Schools Opening Da, East Haddam, CT

(April 4, 2002). Keynote Address. Anti-Bias and Tolerance, Stonington High school Diversity Day. Stonington, CT

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